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Image of Animal Print Chiffon in Gold and Black (Double-Bow)

Animal Print Chiffon in Gold and Black (Double-Bow)

This is the snood you want if you have a dog with voluminous ears. Ears that you want to keep that way! The double-bow-tie snood pulls up by both top and bottom to keep the ears nice and tidy, while not drooping down into food, or onto the ground.
I only make the double in med/large, and lg/ex. They are surprisingly comfortable and light weight as I make my double-bow-tie snoods from light weight chiffon.

I use only the best fabrics for my snoods. In my mind there is no sense in using anything less than the best. Premium fabrics are more beautiful and will last much longer than a lesser product.
Please note that when I take photos of bowls, that is indeed the bowl you will get, unless I note otherwise. On snoods, I take one photograph of a snood. Each snood will be a little different because of the pattern layout of the fabric, and the bow-tie wrap, will almost always be a little different on each one.
Never leave your dog unattended with a snood of any type. You never know what these kids can get into.
Always wash delicate for longest wear.
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