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Image of Gift Certificates starting at 21.00

Gift Certificates starting at 21.00

Need a gift, but not sure what to purchase? When you're running out of time and can't find that special gift for a friend or loved one, a gift certificate will give them time to browse and decide exactly what they want.

I have started the gift certificates at $21.00 as that will buy a medium snood, including shipping. That is my most commonly purchased snood.

In the shipping address, either put your own address if you are handing it to the recipient, or put the recipients name if you would like the gift certificate mailed. The certificate will indeed have something on the envelope that indicates it is from, because you don't want anyone to think it is junk mail.

Please indicate in the notes if you would like any special note written to the recipient and I will write it for you.

All gift certificates will be sent the day of purchase via usps.
If you would like an e-mail notification sent that the gift-certificate is on the way to someone, just let me know and I will send one.