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Image of Starry Starry Night (Perfect Set for one)
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Starry Starry Night (Perfect Set for one)

This has got to be my favorite set of the entire firing, or group of firings that created all of these beautiful sets. If you will look close at the photos, the glazing in itself is a piece of art. I can't claim too much credit as the glaze has done all of the work, but omg, how pretty it is. The ombre starts at an almost black at the top, to pale blue at the mid to bottom sections. I have used a white base, so the interior is almost white at the bottom, and the white has broken through through out the glazing, creating an almost star-like effect. I just love it!

This is a really sweet set for one cavalier or cocker or any dog of the same general size. The water bowl is footed for ease of picking up, and will keep your floor dryer (ya gotta love that)!

***** I have three of these sets. All are quite similar, but the one photographed is not the one you will get.**********

In case you are new to my work, I've been making and selling spaniel bowls for 15 years. All of my bowls are Hand Thrown, High Fired, Dishwasher Safe & made to last a lifetime with minimal care!

Material: Speckled Stoneware
Bottom: Water Footed/ Food flat
Volume: Water 2 1/2 cups +, Water 1 cup+
Color: Just the coolest Sage Green over Dark Spice Brown

Image of Starry Starry Night (Perfect Set for one)
Image of Starry Starry Night (Perfect Set for one)
Image of Starry Starry Night (Perfect Set for one)